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Reviewer Guidelines

The review process is an important and major stage of the publication process. It helps the editor in making decision and also helps the author to improve the quality of their manuscript. SciTeMed journal operates a blind peer review system.

Before accepting the review invitation, the reviewer should ensure that the manuscript is within their area of expertise and they can spend the time to for critical review of the manuscript. The review comment report should be accurate, honest and objective. Comments should be framed as per the quality of the content provided in the manuscript. The reviewers should avoid changing or overwriting the manuscript to avoid copyright issues with existing authors. The review comment should be submitted within the time line requested by the managing editor. If the given time for review is not sufficient, the reviewer may appeal an extension to complete the review and submit the comment to the handling editor. The reviewer may also suggest some of their colleagues take over the review in case they are busy after accepting the review invitation. The advices or recommendations of reviewers include acceptance, revision, and rejection. Recommendation should be factual and true based on the content of the manuscript.