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Why Publish in SciTeMed Journals

A Minimum-cost Publishing Network

Traditional publishers reap high profits by putting up several barriers to dissemination of research results, including (1) charging fees to authors and imposing restrictions on copyright; (2) imposing high prices to readers and libraries in order to maintain high profits and an obsolete infrastructure.

Although open access publishing models provide efficient methods for disseminating research findings, the article processing fees remain expensive and unfordable for authors, in particular young researchers and authors from resource-poor countries.

Now, we no longer need expensive publishing networks! In order to eradicate excess burden of publication fees and to massively widen the readership of scholarly works, we offer a minimum-cost open access publishing option. The following table shows how our article process fee compares to other journals’.


Transparent Peer Review System

SciTeMed operates a transparent peer review system. If the manuscript is published, the peer review reports will also be published online alongside the article. With pre-publication history, the system increases transparency of the whole review process and enhances the quality of review reports.