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Cookies are small files that are usually stored on your device, these include text files which may be unique identifiers and are circulated between the web server and the web browsers while you browse across different webpages. These cookies are implanted in your device on the first instance of your visit to a website.

Cookies are widely used by the website to optimize the information visible to you considering your preferences, which is done by storing small amounts of information from your previous visits. Cookies can be used to identify the navigation habits of an individual through different websites, and to identify users returning to a website. Cookies may be of two types:

  • Persistent cookies. These consist of text files which are received from the web server and stored in the browser and will continue to exist unless deleted by the user or until its set expiry date.
  • Session cookies. These are temporary type of cookies which will expire at the end of the session.

Use of Cookies

Information relating to any personal identification is not stored in the cookies, but the information received from the cookies is a connection to obtain personal information. The cookies used on the website may be broadly classified into technically important cookies, performance cookies, functionality and customizing cookies.

  • Technically important cookies. These cookies are required to and for the access of information and navigation through the webpages. These cookies help us remember the access credentials and prevent the redundancy of providing personal details on different pages.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies are used to monitor the activities of the visitors of the website. These cookies help us understand the requirements of the visitors, and help us provide high quality experience. These cookies also help us fix issues and improve the standards of the website. Although these cookies do not collect individual preferences, they provide needed statistical data that will help us understand the visitor’s requirements.
  • Customization and personalization cookies. These cookies help us provide targeted individuals with specific products, services and advertisements that would provide rich and customized experience. These helps us provide you with relevant information based on the previous content accessed.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies may be sent during your visit to our website, these third party cookies may be from our advertisers and service providers. They may place cookies in your browser to analyze and prepare a statistical report of their performances.

Removal and Blocking of Cookies

Your browser has features that allow you to remove or block cookies. For detailed information regarding the possibilities, please visit Blocking of cookies may lead to inaccessibility of certain sections of the website or difficulty in fully utilizing the services.