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Aims and Scope

The One Stop Library for all Science, Technology and Medicine Journals

In the internet and information era, there is an explosion of information. Type anything into Google and users and researchers are bombarded with hundreds of links and references, some relevant and some not so relevant. The problem lies not with the availability of information, but with the fact that they are scattered. Therein lies the need to have a platform which compiles and catalogues all scientific and medical research papers thereby providing a platform for researchers to publish original research and making it accessible to a large user base. Streamlining of information is just as important as availability of information. This is where SciTeMed comes into the picture.

SciTeMed Publishing Group aims to provide a broad platform for researchers to publish high quality, blind peer reviewed articles to the scientific community. It is the leading blind peer reviewed, open access publishers of Science, Technology and Medical journals. The platform enables readers and researchers to have wide access to scholarly literature and enhances interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation. This in turn leads to new ideas and enhances the performance of science, technology and medical professionals.

All articles published via SciTeMed are freely accessible online upon publication. Authors retain the copyright to their work. Their licensing comes under Creative Commons Attribution License which allows their work to be reused and redistributed without restriction as long as their original work is cited.

SciTeMed offers great opportunity to physicians, clinical investigators and clinical practitioners to publish their research and findings. It aims to capture media attention through its publications. This in turn will boost the speed and quality of scientific research for the benefit of humanity. SciTeMed will have a large role to play in this by providing up to date and high quality research.

SciTeMed provides very detailed and a wide range of contents under very specific modules in Science, Technology and Medical domains. The unique feature of this publication is that the contents are based on original research. The site will not just contain research papers. It will be further enriched by far-sighted analysis, state-of-the-art reviews, latest scientific news, practice appraisals, thought-provoking editorials, high quality expert opinion articles, progressive viewpoints, interpretations, relevant images, useful book reviews, and many more. SciTeMed will periodically bring out special issues in order to keep readers abreast of the latest trends and developments in science, technology and medicine.