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Design and Harvest of the Thin Profunda Artery Perforator Flap


Here is a video that shows the harvest of a thin profunda artery perforator flap from the left thigh. In conjunction with preoperative computed tomography angiography, measurement of the morphology of the perforators and their branches, the pedicle length, and the vertical locations of the two branches from the ischial tuberosity are performed. A handheld doppler is used to confirm the location of both branches. As a result of the authors' results, preoperative computed tomography angiography is a valuable way of obtaining detailed anatomical information such as the shape of perforators, their path through the septum or muscle above the deep fascia, as well as the thickness of the skin. It is important to know that computed tomographic angiography is an excellent means of making an assessment of the entire vascular anatomy of the leg, and it results in making an informed decision about the choice of flaps, based on the patient's anatomy and the characteristics of the defect.


Heredero S, Falguera-Uceda MI, Sanjuan A. The thin profunda artery perforator flap: customized design and harvest. Int Microsurg J 2021;5(1):5. [View Article]