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A Modified Technique of Mouse Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Using Two Disposable Micro-clamps

Video. This technique is a modified version of the mouse vertical sleeve gastrectomy using two disposable microclamps.

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is a type of bariatric surgery that is accepted as the simplest but most efficient surgical modality to treat morbid obesity. A mouse model of VSG has been widely utilized to investigate the underlying mechanisms of VSG. There are numerous microsurgical techniques for VSG in mice, and the authors report herein a modified technique with 2 disposable micro-clamps to simplify the surgery. The key aspects of the modification are to use the micro-clamps as non-crushing tissue clamps for anastomosis as well as vascular clamps for hemostasis. Mean body weight at postoperative week 1 was 24.1 grams, which is equivalent to a 16.1% loss of original body weight, and there was no mortality after antrum preservation VSG. This simplified surgical technique will best serve as a tool to investigate either the underlying mechanisms of VSG or the intrinsic change to the stomach after VSG.


Moon SB, Kim D, Koh SD. A modified technique of mouse vertical sleeve gastrectomy using two disposable micro-clamps. Int Microsurg J 2020;4(1):5. [View Article]